Imagine paying for an alarm that no one hears or a guard who doesn't turn up...?

It happens more often than you think.

With so much choice, the security industry is difficult to navigate. PROPERTY-SAFETY find you trustworthy, local professionals in a few clicks. So you get the best security for your budget.

But how do you know you can trust US?

Meet Molly the Lolly. At Property-Safety, she makes sure all the companies we work with are reliable and trustworthy.

All our partners are personally interviewed and thoroughly vetted using questions developed over 10 years in the industry.

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Matchmaker: Molly The Lolly Saves You TIME, MONEY & STRESS


Save Time: You're matched with a security specialist for your home or industry

Answer some quick questions. And avoid having to trawl the internet looking for the right specialist for you.


Save Money: Discuss your security with a home or business expert

An experienced professional with a proven track record will provide the best solution for your situation and budget.


Save Stress: You're confident your home or business is protected

No more sleepless nights worrying if the people and property you care about could be at risk from burglars or vandals.

UK Homeowner or Business Director? Let’s make your property safe! only work with the very best, approved security professionals local to you.

You can take control of your domestic or commercial security AND keep your insurance company happy. You can STOP burglars OR faulty old security systems disrupting your life. You can get your peace of mind back.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get started!

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Sorting out your home security or business security commitments are chores no one relishes. It’s confusing AND almost impossible to know who to trust!

But that’s where comes in. We launched this website after we struggled to get reliable, cost-effective protection for our own home and business premises.

But who do you TRUST to protect the most important people and possessions in your life – both personally and professionally?

In a very crowded market, here are three options to consider:

Small one-man-band companies – it seems like everyone does security nowadays. Ex-firemen, electricians and disgruntled engineers are all offering cheap options. But are they cutting corners as well as prices? And do they know the regulations and legislation?

Local established companies – can also have issues if they overextend themselves by trying to service customers who are too far away from their base.

Large well-known national brands – who may be too big to operate efficiently.

The answer is simple…

The answer is It is a straightforward online process to match business and homeowners with local, reliable specialist Fire and Security professionals!

Molly the Lolly makes sure all the companies we work with are reliable and trustworthy. Here’s how:

  • Thorough Vetting of our security partners: Molly interviews each company before we work with them. She asks the difficult questions so you don’t have to.
  • 10 years experience in the industry: Molly has seen a huge range of installers and guarding companies in the past decade. She weeds out the ones who don’t fit our strict criteria.
  • Checking partner performance: Molly follows up some of our website users each week. We’re keen to know if one of our partners is under-performing!

Every home and business benefits from using a Fire and Security Company that knows what they’re doing…

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Delighted Customers Say:

This evening, we are reminded that effective security countermeasures require co-operation between diverse partners.
In the week, a client called to request assistance to secure a vulnerable construction site and my recommendations for a wireless 3G visual verification camera system, with 24hr monitoring, were accepted.
Our suppliers despatched a tailor-made system overnight and PSG engineers installed it the next day. immediately put us in contact with a reputable local security alarm response keyholder, 
Within 48 hours, the cameras activated and an intruder was observed by our controllers. the alarm response company swiftly attended site and secured the property.
Our thanks to everyone who enabled us to support our client.

Managing Director, Temporary CCTV Installation Company