Can You Bounce Your Business Back After Lockdown?

Apr 13, 2020 | Commercial Security

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every UK business. Most negatively…

The initial shock has worn off. Now, most of us are working our way through the immediate financial implications. The next step is to make sure you’re ready to bounce back! Here are five things to think about…

Empty premises means…

There’s a good chance your premises remain unoccupied during the lockdown. Whether that’s because you’ve…

  • been forced to close completely
  • moved your staff to remote and home working
  • put some employees on furlough to run on a skeleton staff

Sad to say, your empty premises are an opportunity for criminals. It could mean happy days for toerags and tea leaves! A serious crime now, of all times, could sting. And affect your ability to bounce back once lockdown is over…

Empty Premises - Office empty

Keep your assets fixed

Empty offices are full of expensive computers and equipment. That’s despite all the laptops being at home with remote staff! If you have a server with any sensitive data on you don’t want a GDPR problem on top of everything else. Restaurants and cafes have expensive equipment that you don’t want to replace – vandals and arsonists could have a field day too…

Is your building secured? If you rent space in a shared building you should think about this… What are the arrangements to keep criminals out of communal areas that lead to yours? Is your building monitored by someone that can actually get help in case of an emergency? A professional is your best bet!

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Empty Premises - Car Lot

Exterminate external problems

Your car parks, yards and outdoor areas are also at risk while there are fewer people around. You don’t want to turn up one day to find damage caused by vandals, joyriders or illegal occupiers. And let’s face it, people that have no regard for the law are not going to be staying home because they should!

Has everything been locked up securely outside? Don’t forget things that could provide a leg up to gain entry or others at risk of arson.

If you already have barriers, make sure they can withstand a large vehicle. Could you reinforce exterior fencing or gates as a temporary measure? Introduce a height restriction to deter entry by people that want to park up on your turf. If you think this lockdown is going on a bit, just wait till you see how long the eviction process takes…

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Empty Premises - Battered Shutters Down

Protect your skeleton

If you’re running on minimal staff, think about their personal security. As an employer, you have a duty of care to staff. You must enforce social distancing for anyone that needs to be at work. Great for keeping them safe from infection, not so great for “safety in numbers”.

If you have a lone worker policy, circulate it to everyone that’s likely to be working. Check your access control so the only people that can get in are the ones you want to.

Don’t fall down – bounce back!

We don’t know when, but the lockdown will end. Some firms will go back to work and start making money again. The same day. Others will be dealing with the results of crime. Some will suffer a criminal act that could finish them off completely.

Take this quickfire security assessment. It’ll ensure your business is in the best position to hit the ground running!

In four and a half minutes you’ll find out if YOUR business is at risk. And understand what to do if you are. It could even be the difference between bouncing back or… not.

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