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3 Top Tips To Stop Distraction Burglary From Essex Police

Essex Police launching their new BE SURE AT THE DOOR campaign. This is particularly relevant for elderly people.

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Wireless Outdoor Curtain Protection with RISCO

Wireless Outdoor Curtain Protection with RISCO

Wireless Outdoor Curtain Protection? So what’s that then? A top piece of security advice involves using your indoor curtains to protect your home whilst you are away. Making sure a neighbour comes in to open the drapes in the morning and close them at night.

So I was very excited when the lovely Albert Hall of RISCO Group let me know that they now have read more…

Mesh Routers Can Detect Intruders Using WiFi But Should We Let Them…

Mesh Routers Can Detect Intruders Using WiFi But Should We Let Them…

Many homeowners hate PIRs. Those little bits of white plastic that sit in the corner of the room flashing away aimlessly. And requiring the drilling of holes to fix them in place or reliance on double sided tape.

But it looks like there are now ways to improve your home security without adding cameras and sensors to your walls. Linksys Aware is a new motion sensing subscription service which uses data from a mesh router to monitor a home through WiFi.

They don’t explain how it works. But I am instantly a bit concerned.

Modern technology – solving one security problem and creating another

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Virtual Intruders – Why Hackers Love Cheap Home Security Cameras

Sadly, not all intruders are physical. Remember the film, Snowden? He puts a plaster over the camera on his laptop to stop the authorities from spying on him! Virtual intruders are becoming just as much of a problem.

And using a cheap home security camera could allow anyone to hack in to all the cameras in your home. Kitchen, hall, lounge, stairs. Wherever you have a camera, someone could be watching you.

Or even speaking to you… or your children!

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Eye (Almost) In The Sky Security Cameras

Following on from our blog post about virtual trip wires that work with analytic cameras to identify different categories of security equipment on your property.

Eye in the sky

Sometimes CCTV installers are stuck for a way to get sufficient coverage from their cameras. It’s all about angles. The cameras need to be higher than your building. This means cameras can end up mounted on trees! Which is great until the tree needs to be cut down.

For businesses, here’s just the thing. A mobile rapid deployment tower system.

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Virtual Trip Wires For Home Security

Virtual Trip Wires For Home Security

I remember the first time I saw an article about ‘trip wires’. The image showed rays of light protecting an open patio door onto the balcony at a very expensive property.

It allowed the owners to sleep in their bedroom with the door open on hot sultry nights – without fear.

The only person they had to worry about was an intrepid ‘Mission Impossible’-style cat burglar.

Someone who had managed to get around the automated gate, run the gauntlet of the watching CCTV cameras and 24/7 monitoring and avoided setting off the alarmed windows and doors. read more…

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