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Deter criminals

A panel of reformed criminals voted CCTV the best deterrent. Thieves, vandals and arsonists hate cameras. Powerful evidence for the Police to use.

Cutting edge CCTV

Intelligent video analytics take your security to an almost sci-fi level. EG, Face Recognition lets you locate and eject repeat shoplifters. Fever cameras keep staff safe.

Safe Workplace

Abusive customers think twice when they see cameras. Fewer incidents improve staff morale and retention. While lone workers feel relaxed and secure.

Cost Effective

Slash customer and employee theft, add cash straight on your bottom line. Planned, scalable systems mean you don’t have to fork out for everything at once.

Three reasons why YOU must speak to an expert about your CCTV

keyholding and alarm response

Protecting your premises with the state-of-the-art CCTV systems get complicated very quickly. Describe your situation and our partner experts will walk you through the best equipment options.

Choose the system that works best for your budget. You may be able to save money by using your current infrastructure.

You get an integrated CCTV system with mobile monitoring. Saving you time and effort with everyday use.


Our partner security companies are well organised, professional outfits. Well before lockdown suitable measures were put in place.

Health and safety and security go hand in hand. So you can expect a service that complies fully with government advice.

For example, engineers follow 2m social distancing, don’t share tools and won’t eat lunch together…


We only work with trustworthy security companies. These are well-established companies with decades of service under their belts.

Accreditations mean annual audits. So you can count on British Standards being met… year after year. See examples of typical accreditations and the quality equipment they install below.

The performance of your system will be guaranteed against an agreed Service Level Agreement. You won’t be left in the lurch…

STOP WORRYING about your business premises

Speak to an expert. Talk through your options. Choose a CCTV solution tailored for your business and budget

Answer a couple of easy questions to get started - it only takes a minute

Trustworthy, dependable Security Companies who know their stuff

Top Accreditations to show their worthy

Reliable technology protecting your business

How Property-Safety.com find you the perfect reputable keyholder for your business


Answer: a few quick and easy questions about your business's security

We process your answers and match you with the most suitable REPUTABLE security co. in your location


Discuss: your requirements and the best options for your business

A licensed security professional will call to walk you through the best keyholding options for your business


Peace of mind: secure your premises from less than £1 a day

You and your insurance company can sleep at night. The security of your premises is in safe hands!

Delighted Customers Say:

… provided an excellent service to us. The CCTV system not only provides a good deterrent against theft and vandalism, it has given us good identification images when incidents have occurred

Terry Cleaver

Maintenance Manager

impressed… The equipment was specified, installed and commissioned by qualified, competent and knowledgeable staff. The ability to access quality images remotely via android and IOS devices is a great feature

Tony O'Malley

Managing Director

delighted with the outcome, not least the time saved by my team and the fact that it has proved to be very cost-effective. We have seen a significant improvement in the operation and quality of our CCTV.

Gary Weatherly

CCTV Manager