Professional Alarm Response 365 days a year

If there is a fire or burglary at your premises, stop it becoming a catastrophe…

Question… how would you feel… if your keyholder is attacked by a gang of burly BURGLARS up to no good in your business premises?

Every time your staff answer your alarm call, you’re putting your best people at risk

keyholding and alarm response
keyholding and alarm response
keyholding and alarm response
Why should your most valued members of staff be put in DANGER?
Did you know that for 77% of companies if there is a fire or burglary, the person who gets the call is the owner OR most valuable person in the company…

Is it Barbara from accounts?
Or Jim from operations?

Loyal people. Honest people. People who’ve been with you for years. Through the good times and the bad.

Your most valued members of staff. The Barbaras and Jims should never be in danger.

They’re not trained to deal with fires or burglars.

Your most reliable people shouldn’t be doing this. And you shouldn’t be doing this either.

Because if you’re in hospital with lumps and bruises, it will freak out your staff.

It’ll be all people talk about. Think… how that will affect morale?

What a miserable thought.

Of course, it could be worse. What if Barbara or Jim go into your premises and there’s a burglar?
Or two. Or three.

What if the worst happens?
What if Jim gets 36 stitches in his head? Or Barbara is beaten to within an inch of her life…

Have you seen pictures of stabbing victims?

Trauma lingers... how do you think you will feel?

The injuries will heal. Thankfully.
But it’s the trauma that lingers. The flashbacks. The nightmares

And how do you think you will feel?

What will your wife or family think?

What will the rest of your staff say?

It’s too horrendous.

But one thing is for sure. You’ll feel horrible. Wretched.
Sick to your stomach.

What on earth will you say to Jim? Or his wife.
Or Barbara. And her family.

People who’ve stuck with your company for years…

And you left them in danger.

Why would you take the risk for a few quid?

Because you wanted to save a few quid. Because you wouldn’t stretch to a professional keyholding and alarm response service.
Because you didn’t think it would ever happen to you…

83p a day it costs. To have professionals hold your keys.

Ready to deal with anything. When that alarm goes off.
Trained. Licensed. And with a whole team of professionals as back up.

Of course, the Police should be taking care of this.
But with all the cuts… They don’t have the resources.

So ask yourself this one question…

Who is better equipped to deal with three desperate burglars?
Pitiful druggies determined to avoid another stretch inside.

Barbara from accounts. Jim your operations manager…
Or a team of professional security officers. Experienced and trained to diffuse and deal with these situations…

There’s a simple answer.

keyholding and alarm response

Dependable Security Officers put things right when your alarms go off…

FAST Alarm response

Fire or burglary. False or genuine. Your alarm goes off and HQ dispatches officers to your premises immediately. There within 20 minutes!


Proven track record

You can trust our security company partners. They have decades of experience. All staff are trained and licensed to British Standards BS7984


No risk & stress free

If the worst happens officers work with Police… why let Barbara from accounts tackle burly thieves when trained professionals can?

Exceptional value

You’re covered for less than £1 a day! Low callout charges. SIA licensed, trained officers and full online reporting in real-time.

Never worry about your loyal staff getting hurt again

Professional Keyholding & Alarm Response 365 days a year

Add your details. An expert calls you. Get it sorted over the phone. It'll take 10 minutes!

Pandemic Lockdown & Return to Work

The threat to empty premises is higher during lockdown. And remains so as the UK begins to return to work. Property-Safety are here to help you find reliable security for your business premises.

Government body, the Security Industry Authority, gave security guards key worker status at the beginning of the crisis. Security companies are essential in helping to maintain critical services across the UK.

Since the beginning of pandemic, City Security Services have worked hard to comply with Government guidelines. Operational measures are in place to ensure staff and the public remain safe.

Security companies adapted working practices to comply with Government advice from the beginning of lockdown. These are reviewed and updated as the UK begins to return to work. You’re in safe hands!

How find you a reputable keyholder and alarm response company for your business


Vet: we interview, investigate and check our partners

You're sure to be recommended a reputable security company with ACS approval.


Match: your info allows us to find you the best company

An experienced security professional calls you to arrange keyholding and alarm response for your business


Peace of mind: keyholding from less than £1 a day

Your staff are safe. They will never again have to leap out of bed at 3am to answer an alarm call.

Before recommending a security company, we vet them…

This is an example of the calibre of the security companies we recommend.

  • Interview 97% 97%
  • Accreditations 100% 100%
  • Performance 89% 89%
  • Track Record 95% 95%

Property Safety Rating



Interviewed April 3rd 2020. Clearly knows the industry inside out.


Accreditation Check

Checked all accreditations with the issuing bodies. All good.


SIA Accreditation

SIA licensed officers. Company has ACS approval.



Respond to enquiries quickly. Good advice given.


Track Record

Incorporated in 1993. Over 1000 happy customers.

Professional Security Companies - SIA Approved Contractor Scheme

Typical Accreditations & Approvals

Delighted Customers Say:

I am so pleased that we have our security team looking after our office after hours. Complete peace of mind.

Practise Manager, Accountancy Firm

…so relaxing to know that security guards are checking our premises during this extended lockdown and making sure our basic insurance requirements are being met. Especially running the water so when we return to work, there is no Legionella in our water system

Director, Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier

It was great to have our security company on hand last night. Unfortunately we had an attempted break in but the security team were on site within 19 minutes, liaising with the Police and glaziers to make us secure again.

Practise Manager, GP's Surgery

…the team does such a valuable role for us that we have included them in all our corporate staff training. Also, that they have become so competent in housing front line services that they oversee, line manage and issue works to our handyman contractor across all of our new sites (30 blocks). The guys also liaise with the police safer neighbourhood teams in crime prevention and crime detection on a regular basis across all our monitored sites;

Director, Facilities Management Company