Professional Security Guarding – Cost-effective, around the clock protection for your business

Reliable Security Officers deter criminals, prevent disasters and protect people…


Proven track record

You can trust our security company partners. They have decades of experience. All staff are trained and licensed to British Standards BS7984


No stress potection

If the worst happens officers work with Police… why let Barbara from accounts tackle burly thieves when trained professionals can?

FAST Alarm response

Fire or burglary. False or genuine. Your alarm goes off and HQ dispatches officers to your premises immediately. There within 20 minutes!

Exceptional value

You’re covered from less than £1 a day! Plus low callout charges. SIA licensed, trained officers and full online reporting in real-time.

STOP WORRYING about your empty premises...

Speak to an expert. Talk through your options. Peace of mind costs less than you think

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Three reasons why YOU should speak to a Security Guarding expert 

keyholding and alarm response
If a static security guard is beyond your budget. Patrols are an cost-effective alternative. You choose the scope of work. Then only pay for the services you need.
Mobile patrols will cover more than one location. Fast.
You get a strong security presence. This deters vandalism, theft, arson and illegal occupation.

The staff member who has your keys may be sick, quarantined or self-isolating. That doesn’t happen with a professional keyholding company. 

When your alarm goes off, you can be certain you will get a British Standards BS9784 service!. The back office will spring into action… while you sleep. They dispatch your patrol officer. He will be there within 20 minutes.

He’ll check the property and speak to the emergency services, if required. Reset the alarm if not. Efficient and without fuss.


The technology professional security companies use is extremely clever. Your security officer submits his incident report by mobile device. He can even include images and video! You can watch as events unfold in real time. Or wait until morning if you prefer…

The days of reports typed up by back office staff and taking days to get to you are long gone.

Your business is matched with a professional security company who give you…

Static Security Guards

Keep your business safe. A physical presence to monitor your CCTV blind spots. Deter thieves & shoplifters. Prevent assaults on your staff. And enforce social distancing. Ideal for shops, offices, warehouses, etc.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols scare off criminals looking for an easy target. Your premises is checked once a week, every day or on 4 hour intervals! Ideal security for car lots and showrooms, offices, pubs and retailers.

Keyholder & Alarm Response

Many businesses ask an employee who lives nearby for keyholding. But, faced with burglars, you could be neglecting your Duty of Care. Make sure you don’t get sued, use trained professionals!

Professional Security Companies - SIA Approved Contractor Scheme

Typical Accreditations & Approvals

Delighted Customers Say:

I am so pleased that we have our security team looking after our office after hours. Complete peace of mind.

…so relaxing to know that security guards are checking our premises during this extended lockdown and making sure our basic insurance requirements are being met. Especially running the water so when we return to work, there is no Legionella in our water system

It was great to have our security company on hand last night. Unfortunately we had an attempted break in but the security team were on site within 19 minutes, liaising with the Police and glaziers to make us secure again.

…the team does such a valuable role for us that we have included them in all our corporate staff training. Also, that they have become so competent in housing front line services that they oversee, line manage and issue works to our handyman contractor across all of our new sites (30 blocks). The guys also liaise with the police safer neighbourhood teams in crime prevention and crime detection on a regular basis across all our monitored sites;

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We process your answers and match you with the most suitable REPUTABLE security co. in your location


Discuss: your requirements and the best options for your business

A licensed security professional will call to walk you through the best keyholding options for your business


Peace of mind: secure your premises from less than £1 a day

You and your insurance company can sleep at night. The security of your premises is in safe hands!