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…how please we were with the two enginers that installed CCTV cameras acrss the campus over the last two weeks. They were very adaptable to change in work schedule due to fafctors outside their control, easy to get on with and kept us informed of how they were getting on, etc.

IS&T Operational Manager

The new intruder alarm system meets our insurer’s requirements, and I am now able to focus on continuing to grow the business as I know the property and its contents are well protected


Thank you for your help in designing my systems and helping me to protect my site. Access Control, CCTV and Alarms – An excellent service from start to finish



Sorting out your Fire and Security commitments is a chore no business owner relishes. It's confusing AND almost impossible to know who to trust!

But that's where comes in. We launched this website after we struggled to get reliable, cost-effective Fire and Security protection for our own business premises.

But who do you TRUST to protect your employees and business premises?

In a very crowded market here are three options businesses can consider:

Small one-man-band companies - it seems like everyone does Fire and Security nowadays. Ex-firemen, electricians and disgruntled engineers are all offering cheap options. But do they know the legislation?

Local established installers - can also have issues if they overextend themselves by trying to service customers who are too far away from their base.

Large well-known national brands - who may be too big to operate efficiently.

The answer is simple...

The answer is It is a straightforward online process to match business owners with local, reliable Fire and Security professionals who SPECIALISE in YOUR industry!

Every business benefits from using a Fire and Security Company that knows what they're doing... because they specialise in your sector!

Care Homes
And many more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my industry is very unusual? Can I still use your service even if it's unlikely you have a specialist in my industry?

Absolutely. We will match you with a well-established security company with a long track record. Experts you can rely on.

They'll have all the accreditations you need plus loads of experience designing security systems for equally challenging businesses. You're in safe hands.

What are the installation lead times like?

It depends... there are too many variables to say accurately. Larger companies we recommend have a larger workforce and may have shorter lead times. But it depends on what security system you need.

Obviously a CCTV system with 8 cameras will be shorter than an integrated system with intruder, CCTV and access control for a five storey office block... But this is a question to ask the expert at the company you speak to.

What ongoing support is provided after installation?

Again, it varies between companies. But you can expect:

  • 24 hour helpline
  • Remote repairs to fix the majority of issues
  • Local engineer and rapid response

What manufacturers of security systems do the security companies use?

Once more, it depends on the security company you are matched with but... The companies we recommend use top quality brands such as:

Honeywell Galaxy, Sonitrol and Pacom.

Fermax, Texecom, Hikvision and Paxton.

UK Business owner or Responsible Person? Let's make your premises safe! only work with the very best, approved security professionals local to you.

You can take control of your commercial security AND keep your insurance company happy. You can stop serious thefts OR faulty old security systems disturbing your day to day business.

It only takes a couple of minutes to find the perfect security company specialising in your sector!

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