Factory security horror stories

May 26, 2021 | CCTV

Factory security horror stories

A fastener manufacturer in Sheffield recently began expanding their premises by purchasing another building next door. This needed a lot of work.

Because they were doing demolition work, the company decided that they did not need any security on the place. They could add these systems when the construction work was completed.

That’s when DISASTER struck!

Thieves broke in over the weekend. They removed all of the cables and copper piping. Of course, the wiring was due to be replaced anyway so it was not really a problem…

The pesky burglars forgot to turn the water off when they legged it with the pipes. As a result, on Monday morning, when the company returned to work, they found a large part of the building was FLOODED!

No one expected that! But with the right security in place, it would never have happened! And that’s when the knock-on costs of that poor business decision started to kick in.

Cause and effect… of trying to save money on security
The flooding meant that works had to be put on hold for a full week.

How much did a week’s delay cost the company?

Around £100,000!

And this was for a security breach in an unfinished section. If this had happened in the main production area, the cost would have been even higher.

So this was just water. Fire damage might be even worse. Especially if there is a lot of tooling, transformers and customers’ stock.

Having a good Fire and Security system will also make dealing with the insurances a lot easier.

The advantages of a well maintained, efficient Fire & Security system begin to make sense. Because avoiding disasters and downtime is critically important to all manufacturers.


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