How To Keep Your Car Safe When It’s Parked Outside Your Business

Nov 9, 2019 | CCTV

If you’re one of the many people who drive to work, there are several problems to be dealt with. An employee car park is like a gift from heaven. It is usually protected by a barrier that requires a pass to get in and out.

But if you are not so fortunate, you will have to park on the street. And, when you return 8 or more hours later, you can never be sure that your vehicle will still be where you left it.

Whether you park your car on the forecourt outside your office window, in a public car park or in a street a mile away, follow some simple rules to keep it safe.

It may seem obvious but making sure the doors of your car are locked and the windows fully closed is top of the list. How many of us have screamed at US Police programmes where the detectives leave their expensive vehicles unlocked! And don’t even get me started on Ray Donovan and his top of the range Mercedes! Leave it unlocked with your designer sunglasses in full view and you’re asking for trouble!

Some criminals walk up and down residential streets and car parks just trying car door handles.

And, when you go into the office, don’t leave the keys on your desk. Not everyone is honest these days. And in a big company, you don’t know EVERYONE!

If you have a car that can be entered keylessly, make sure you store the keys in a ‘faraday’ bag to prevent the signal from being accessed from outside.

You could also get a Tracker for your expensive car. And, if you do have one, remember to make sure it has been switched on. Doh!

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