Who’s monitoring your home alarm system?

May 24, 2021 | CCTV

Who’s monitoring your home alarm system?

As lockdown comes to an end, we’re all starting to think about a time when we can leave our homes for more than just a quick walk.
But what happens when your home alarm goes off whilst you’re not there?

Alarm scenario 1
The loud noise of an alarm should scare them off if they do attempt entry. However, some bold offenders might persist despite the noise. And, if your neighbours ignore the loud siren, the burglars get away with their crime.

Alarm scenario 2
Your mobile app sends you a text to alert you that one of your PIRs has been activated. But if you’re on holiday, you’ve got to:
hear your phone; and
call your neighbours or a family member at three in the morning to check your home
This is often followed by the embarrassment of having dragged them out of bed for a false alarm. Having neighbours monitoring your home security can put a lot of pressure on even the strongest of friendships.

Alarm scenario 3
Your alarm sends a signal to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre).
Within seconds the ARC verifies the signal.
The Police respond to a confirmed alarm activation at your property.

Which one of those scenarios would you prefer?


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