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When managing a business, everyday inconveniences are a fact of life. BUT, your security system doesn’t have to be one of them.

If you like the sound of

  • better security
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Why does your premises need a commercial security system?

If you’ve arrived on this page, the chances are you have had a recent theft or Health & Safety issue. Or you know another company that has!

And this close quarters encounter with the stark reality of life has made you reassess your current security arrangements.

For most businesses, commercial security covers two main headaches:

  1. site theft – as well as regular burglars, you have to worry about theft of your stock by your employees or sub contractors who are in the building; and
  2. Health & Safety issues – prevention and evidence if an accident does occur.

What do businesses worry about most with their security?

Employing a company that cannot deliver on what they are promising.
Lack of support can be extremely frustrating. If you have a problem, you need a company that has the experience, expertise and manpower to help you promptly.
High call out rates (parts and labour not included)
Systems not working efficiently. If your system is not regularly upgraded, the technology can fall behind the times.
Hard to access when they are not on the premises. You want easier access through your smartphone app.

How can a professional, accredited security company make life easier for a business?

Quality equipment. For some business customers, ‘Price is everything’. But if you buy cheap, you often end up buying twice. Quality equipment lasts a lot longer. If you buy cheap alternatives, they may only last a year, whereas the quality product could still be around 10 years later. An accredited installer will work with you to find the best way to fulfil on your requirements and stay within your budget.

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Which businesses/industries can benefit from specialist security help?


This table from the Centre for Retail Research shows the cost of theft to retail businesses in 2019:

Facewatch reports that the total figure for UK retail crime losses last year was £4.82bn.

Using facial recognition software is proven to reduce theft in your retail business by at least 35% in the first year.

This amazing software can match the face of a potential thief visiting your store to your existing blacklist. Hey presto, the thief gets arrested before they can steal from you again.

But CCTV cameras don’t just reduce theft, they can also help you to grow your business. Other cameras can be linked to tills and spot when a £10 is put in and a £20 is given out by mistake. They can also help with monitoring stock levels and tell you if you’r running low on bananas on the fruit and veg aisle.

And heatmaps help with people counting and footfall. Want to know which is your most effective window display? Yes, there are cameras and software that can tell you that as well.

Education – Schools, Colleges, Unis

Facial recognition is great here as well. But what if your intruder has their face covered? Appearance recognition is a great solution. If you have one thousand people on your school estate but you know someone is there who shouldn’t be, you can track them by what they are wearing. For example, the cameras can pick out and track the person in blue jeans and a black hoodie. Until your security personnel can escort them from the premises.

Access control like ID cards can help you know who is in school and where. Crucial in a fire scenario.

Manufacturing and food production

Transport and Logistics


Hotels, Restaurants and Gyms

Care homes


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You can take control of your commercial security AND keep your insurance company happy. You can stop serious thefts OR faulty old security systems disturbing your day to day business.

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