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home security where do burglars break in

How do burglars choose their next victim?

Amateur burglars are more likely to act on impulse, draw attention and leave evidence.

But seasoned professionals with a lot of break-ins under their belt understand the value of staking out a property before making a move. This way, with the pros and cons to hand, they can figure out the best time to strike. And who to target.

An experienced thief may walk past your home at the same time every day for a week to determine whether your daily absence is a recurring pattern – just to be safe.
Often he’ll walk up and down the street and try all the front doors.
He may look in the windows when the lights are on but the curtains are open. He’s got pretty clever at spotting iPads, wireless sound systems and games consoles.

If a burglar has a row of three houses, which one is he going to try first? The one with the brand spanking new alarm system, the one with the old bellbox that goes off every few days or the one without an alarm system at all?

burglars check your home security

The secret to defeating burglars is surprisingly simple!

A team of boffins studied government burglary data from 2008-2012. Their work covered more than 37,000 households…

Dr Tseloni and her colleagues looked at how effective different combos of security measures were at: stopping break-ins and stopping attempted burglary.

The secret to defeating burglars… has 3 parts:

  1. Physical Barriers
  2. Visual Deterrents and
  3. Warning Systems.

Get all three of these right and you will defeat burglars.

Even basic security covering these 3 things is a huge improvement on minimal or no security. Research shows it can boost your security 50 times! Or more…


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