3 Top Tips To Stop Distraction Burglary From Essex Police

Nov 12, 2019 | Home Security

Essex Police launching their new BE SURE AT THE DOOR campaign. This is particularly relevant for elderly people.

Help someone you love to stay safe from distraction burglary:

1. STOP – are you expecting somebody to call? You DON’T HAVE to answer the door.
2. CHECK – ask to see callers’ ID. Only talk to people who are Buy With Confidence (Trading Standards) accredited.
3. SAY NO! Tell cold callers to go and shut the door.

Even though her bad hip meant it took ages for her to get to the door, my Mum would try to answer it. We had lots of issues with door to door scammers, especially for solar panels. Some even managed to persuade her to GIVE THEM MONEY.

In the end, we invested in a doorbell that alerted US when it rang so we could talk to callers.

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