What is a Burglar Alarm Maintenance Contract

Sep 3, 2019 | Alarm Maintenance Service, Home Alarms, Home Security

Security companies across the country will try to persuade homeowners and business owners to invest in servicing but exactly what is a burglar alarm maintenance contract?

Like any electrical equipment, an alarm needs a regular service. A maintenance contract will ensure that your alarm system continues to work at full capacity for as long as possible.

The whole point of having a high quality intruder alarm system installed at your home or business premises

is to decrease your chances of being burgled.

So you need to be confident it’s going to work when you most need it, summoning help to protect your favourite humans and possessions.

What you don’t want is an alarm that goes off by mistake.

But did you know that as many as 92% of intruder alarm calls are false? That’s why the Police no longer attend at every property where an alarm is ringing.

However, taking out a maintenance contract with a company that is accredited (eg NSI or SSAIB) means that you are entitled to be considered for monitoring with a Level 1 Police Response. That means the Police WILL come to your property when alerted by your monitoring service.

What is a Burglar Alarm Maintenance Contract

A burglar alarm maintenance contract is an agreement between a security company and the owner of a burglar alarm. These two parties agree that the burglar alarm will be serviced on an annual or bi-annual basis for at least one year.

The price and duration of the contract will differ between companies. Some companies may insist that you sign up for three or five years.

The benefits of a maintenance contract

Reduced call out and labour fee
Priority response and access to an on-call engineer
24 hour cover
Reduction on your home insurance
Level 1 Police Response – if provided by an accredited installer (NSI or SSAIB)

Discover the disadvantages of not being on a contract for your alarm service here And, remember, three false alarms in a rolling 12 month period will mean a loss of priority Police response.


What is included in an alarm maintenance contract?

There are various options that might be included, including:

Annual service visit
Additional visit within a contractual year – either in person or remotely if your system allows
Parts inclusive
Alarm repair and call out 24/7 – will there be additional charges for out of hours call outs or visits outside the 1 or 2 agreed as part of the contract?
Discount on standard call out charge
Help desk support
Payment terms, eg by monthly direct debit

You should check with your supplier what’s included in your package.

What happens during an alarm service?

The following could be included in your package.

Ask whether the customer has experienced any problems with their system
Check the log of the alarm system since the previous service
Check the installation, location and siting of equipment against the specification
Visually check all major alarm components (where accessible) for signs of deterioration or damage
Check the operation of detection devices including deliberately operated devices, like personal attack alarms
Inspect all flexible connections
Test the mains power supply including charging rates
Test the standby battery power supply including charging rates
Check the control unit is working properly
Check and walk test all detectors – a method of intentionally activating the sensors so they are recognised by the system but not reported to the central monitoring station
Check satisfactory operation of panic buttons and other manually operated devices
Check and test (where possible) remote signalling equipment to alarm receiving centre (where applicable)
Check and test audible warning devices for correct operation
Check keypads and LEDs are working correctly
Make adjustments or minor programming as necessary
Repair minor faults where necessary (additional costs may apply)
Check the system in accordance with the customer handbook.
Provide user training (if required)
Log all test results
Return the alarm system to operational status

Check with your supplier to understand what you should expect.

And remember, it’s not just your alarm system that needs to be maintained. If you have CCTV or any form of gate or door entry systems, these need to be serviced regularly too.

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