Who can fit an electric shower?

Feb 1, 2023 | Home Electrical

Have you ever endured the hot/cold dribble/gush of a shower where the pressure is too low?

How frustrating is that? Especially first thing in the morning when you rely on it to get your day started.

The ideal solution is to install an electric shower, as many Essex householders have discovered.

Electric showers are very efficient in terms of water heating, as they only heat what water is used. If the water is metered, there can be a saving on water bills too as the flow rates are generally lower. Pump-assisted power showers have to use water from a domestic hot water tank heated by the household boiler.

So, if you’re competent at DIY or have a friend who is, this might seem like a cost-effective solution.


Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. So anyone fitting an electric shower will need to be qualified to work with electrics safely.

Who can install electric showers near me in Southend, Essex?

There are strict guidelines on the installation of electrical switches and components in bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms, cloakrooms and kitchens.

Building regulations have a section that refers to domestic electricals. It’s called Part P.

When your electrician tells you that s/he is Part P qualified, it means that they are registered with a competent person’s scheme such as NICEIC to self certify their work.

Plumbers may not be Part P certified. Without that certification, they can do the plumbing but should not fit the shower. You would have to find an electrician for that part of the job. Always check their credentials first.

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