Why Your German Shepherd Is Not The Best Home Security

Dec 27, 2019 | Home Security

I’ve been having a lot of Facebook conversations about home security recently. And so many people tell me that they don’t need an alarm or CCTV cameras because they have…

a German Shepherd.

After Katherine Ryan’s home was broken into by a masked burglar, she joked about swapping her two small dogs for a German Shepherd. Her furry friends had slept through the whole incident

A German Shepherd is a big dog, granted. A single bark would scare off most burglars who tried to break in, definitely.


What happens when your German Shepherd is not at home?

Most dogs go on holiday with their owners. Or are put into kennels. That is several weeks of the year when your German Shepherd is absent.

But, more importantly, a big dog like a German Shepherd requires walkies at least once a day. For most homeowners, this daily excursion happens at the same time. You rattle the dog lead and your four legged friend comes running.

You both trot off down to the park for some fresh air and exercise.

Meanwhile, your local burglar is watching you go and taking that opportunity to break in to your unprotected home.

He knows he’s got however long your regular walk takes.

He may just pick up your car keys and drive away your new Mercedes. He may throw your jewellery into a sports bag he’s brought with him. Or, the ultimate rubbing of salt in the wound, he may just use a pillow case from your bed to carry away his booty.

By the time you and your German Shepherd come back, your burglar and your valuables are long gone.

Your German Shepherd can’t help the Police with their enquiries

With no burglar alarm, no one was alerted that your burglar broke in whilst you and your dog were out.

With no CCTV camera/video footage, there is no evidence that he was there or what he might have been wearing. Or even how he took your property out of your home and into his. Burglars hate CCTV!


Germany Shepherds get old – just like humans

What many pet owners forget is that one human year is seven for a dog. Whilst your German Shepherd may be a superhero for some years, arthritis can be a bitch to even the most determined canine protector. Your elderly dog can get hurt if s/he tries to tackle a determined burglar.

Pet friendly security systems

Sadly, some pet owners don’t get an alarm system BECAUSE they think their dog will set it off. But there are now PIRs that can be programmed to accommodate most dogs.

IMAGINE how much safer your home would be if your four legged friend had some technological back-up?

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