Fire Chiefs’ Business Safety Week 2019

Sep 9, 2019 | Commercial Security, Fire Safety

The National Fire Chiefs’ Business Safety Week is a chance for Fire & Rescue services to help raise awareness of the support available for the Responsible Person at any business. It runs from 9-15 September 2019.

The main goals are

  • reducing false alarms – there were more than 303,000 in UK homes and businesses in 2017/18
  • preventing common causes of business fires
  • preventing arson – nearly 30% of fires in the UK’s non-resdidential properties are deliberate
  • protecting sleeping accommodation


Business Safety Week 2019

The week encourages all businesses to ensure they have taken the steps required by law to protect their business and employees from fire. Advice will also be given on preventing arson attacks, reducing false alarms, and if needed fire safety advice for premises with sleeping accommodation adjacent or above them.

The lead up to Christmas can be a busy time for businesses so NFCC are calling on people to take the opportunity now to review risk assessments and escape plans in preparation for Christmas as they may take on extra stock and new or seasonal staff.

Statistics show that in 2017-18 there were 19,033 fires in UK businesses with about 30% (5,293) being deliberately set.

In the UK electrical fires account for around 33% of accidental fires in the workplace. These fires can be due to electrical faults or misuse of electrical equipment. A rise in these fires is seen during the Christmas period.

By law, employers should make sure equipment is installed, maintained and used correctly, whether it is owned or leased by the business.

NFCC’s Protection and Business Safety Vice Chair Guy Keen, said:

‘About one third of fires in the workplace are due to electrical faults and misuse of electrical equipment. The majority of these fires are likely to be preventable by taking some simple measures, businesses can learn about how to make their premises and their staff safer from fire.
‘We know that many small businesses never recover from the damage caused by fire, so it is really important to factor in fire safety particularly as part of preparations in the run up to Christmas.’

Chair of NFCC’s Protection and Business Safety Committee, Mark Hardingham said:

‘Fire can have a devastating effect on small and medium size businesses. The NFCC is committed to supporting business and linking them to their local fire and rescue service who can help and advise them on reducing their fire risk.

‘We encourage business owners to get in touch with their local fire service and find out about the help available so business can flourish and support the UK economy and local community in a safe and sustainable way.’

Visit the website of your county’s Fire & Rescue Service for more information about how they can help.

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How your restaurant, takeaway or fast food outlet can comply with fire regulations

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