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Hassle-Free Keyholding… Professionals Stop Your Incident Becoming A Catastrophe

As the UK returns to work, there’s far more important things to trouble yourself with than keyholding. But… it’s an item on your to-do list.

Make the wrong keyholding choice and you will put more than a member of staff at risk…

Neglecting your duty of care may leave you open to liability claims… And that’s never welcome especially during these chaotic times.

Here are five things to consider while you mull over your keyholding decision.

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Reopening your shop for business is exciting and long overdue BUT…

What have you done to ensure your new normal ends in smiles NOT tears?

Covid fearful

Staff worried sick. Shielded staff, even more scared. Coming out of lockdown and re-opening to the public is exciting. But frightening too.

Employers are over a barrel. Your duty of care means you MUST only reopen when your shop is safe to do so. When you have done everything reasonable to minimise the risk to staff, visitors and customers…

Or risk falling foul of Employment Law. Of ending up in a tribunal. And even… on the wrong end of a compensation claim!

Employers must:

“…genuinely demonstrate that they have done everything necessary to ensure a Covid-secure workplace
Kathleen Heycock, employment partner at Farrer & Co.

Then you can insist on staff coming to work.

Great. But how? Well, these three important ways intelligent technology plays a critical role in making your shopfloor Covid-secure are a good place to begin read more…

Fever Cameras – Thermal Screening As Part Of A Safe Return To Work

Are you responsible for a public sector building or commercial site? Then you may have heard about fever cameras. And… how they could make the return to work much easier as the Covid-19 lockdown winds down.

Of course, safety concerns are paramount. Following government advice is critical…

But the military technology used with fever cameras can play a vital role in building confidence. And critically, helping returning staff feel safe. read more…

The Insurance Smallprint That Could Cost Your Company An Arm And A Leg During Lockdown

The Insurance Smallprint That Could Cost Your Company An Arm And A Leg During Lockdown

You might think that the current extreme conditions mean insurance companies will relax. This is NOT the case. They will enforce the rules of their terms and conditions. This means, more than ever, businesses need to be aware of the smallprint banana skin

You might think insurance companies have a moral responsibility to help in a crisis. They DON’T.

You have signed up to a contract that lasts for a year and the T&Cs apply no matter what.
You should take some time to read your insurance policy. And pay careful attention to the smallprint. TODAY.

This post highlights some of the things to look out for. AND how to survive the lockdown without falling foul of insurance banana skins.

And the good news is… it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to fix!

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Loos, Legionella and Lockdown

Loos, Legionella and Lockdown

There’s a sneaky threat lurking. It’s ready to strike… just when you think the crisis is over.

It’s not cash flow. Or regaining lost contracts or lost productivity. Oh no!

It’s something you will never think of. Not in a million years.

Ignore it and it could cause you downtime. And expense. Just when you’re trying to get back to normal.

Luckily, it’s easy to fix. read more…

In an emergency during lockdown, who makes the best keyholder? Professional Security Guard or member of staff?

In an emergency during lockdown, who makes the best keyholder? Professional Security Guard or member of staff?

It seems like the ideal solution. You need an authorised keyholder in case your alarm goes off. So you ask a member of staff who lives nearby to do it. If the alarm is activated, there is someone within easy reach of the premises. S/he can take the call from your monitoring station. Then go and check everything is OK.

But is it still such a good idea, especially during the lockdown? read more…