Reopening your shop for business is exciting and long overdue BUT…

Jun 30, 2020 | CCTV, Commercial Security, Retail

What have you done to ensure your new normal ends in smiles NOT tears?

Covid fearful

Staff worried sick. Shielded staff, even more scared. Coming out of lockdown and re-opening to the public is exciting. But frightening too.

Employers are over a barrel. Your duty of care means you MUST only reopen when your shop is safe to do so. When you have done everything reasonable to minimise the risk to staff, visitors and customers…

Or risk falling foul of Employment Law. Of ending up in a tribunal. And even… on the wrong end of a compensation claim!

Employers must:

“…genuinely demonstrate that they have done everything necessary to ensure a Covid-secure workplace
Kathleen Heycock, employment partner at Farrer & Co.

Then you can insist on staff coming to work.

Great. But how? Well, these three important ways intelligent technology plays a critical role in making your shopfloor Covid-secure are a good place to begin
Interesting. What are the three ways?

This article covers…

  1. Is a tribunal a real danger to shops and stores in the UK?
  2. 2 reasons why all UK shops can afford this technology
  3. 3 ways intelligent technology helps your business get back to work successfully
  4. Next steps – how to get help

Is being dragged to an employment tribunal a genuine possibility?

Employment tribunal

Have you done enough to avoid an employment tribunal?

Sorry. But it does look that way. Read what one expert says about the Employment Rights Act 1996.

“The law is complex and has, until now, been under-utilised in employment tribunals but this trend is likely to change in light of Covid-19. It is worth emphasising that in health and safety cases brought in an employment tribunal it is the employee’s belief that matters, not the employer’s opinion
David Jones, employment barrister at St John’s Buildings

If you’re unsure whether you’ve done enough to keep your shop floor and storeroom safe. Some of your staff probably think you haven’t…

Ask yourself… How much damage would a long-drawn-out tribunal and compensation payout to a disgruntled employee do to your business?

3 ways Intelligent technology is your saviour…

Adding Intelligent technology to your shop’s security is a great way to show staff how seriously you take their safety. This will reassure employees anxious about returning to work. And demonstrate you’ve done everything you can to ensure a Covid-secure workplace!

Affordable for all UK businesses

Excellent… but there’s even better news… It won’t cost you a fortune. The intelligent equipment outlined here is surprisingly affordable. And ideal for both corner shops and larger High Street stores. There are two reasons why.

First – almost everything is available to lease. You don’t have to buy it outright. You can have it installed on your premises. Doing its job. Keeping your staff, visitors and customers safe for as long as you need it. When the lease is up. You return it. Simple.

So you don’t have to worry about the cost. Or installing a system now if you plan to change premises soon.

Second, most of this equipment will bolt-on to your existing CCTV or Access Control system. So you won’t be forking out for a completely new system. And that’s a massive saving! What are you waiting for?

Sounds good. What do I do to get it?

Existing technology can be adapted to make your workplace Covid-secure… Here are the three ways to make that happen.

1 – Stopping the virus getting into your building

Minimise the chance of an infected person entering your premises

Minimise the chance of an infected person entering your shop

Thermal cameras feature on Police shows. They find criminals hiding in bushes as the Police swoop in. But during a pandemic, they pick out people with a high temperature. Even in a crowd! This tech has options for any kind of shop ranging from large supermarkets to small single units. If you want to keep the virus out, this tech will help.

It’s a simple way to detect Coronavirus symptoms BEFORE a person mingles with others in your store. Even in a throng of eager shoppers keen to buy non-essential goods. Authorities used this technology at airports in Asia during the SARS, MERS and bird flu crises. They are a proven, highly visible reassuring solution.

The technology has advanced since SARS. How you use it depends on the specifics of your layout. You can use thermal cameras to screen customers for high temperature/fever with

  • handheld scanners
  • scanning at entrances
  • even screening lanes for people to walk through

Used across the world to keep businesses working

And they work. Thermal cameras detect infected people and stop them from spreading the disease.
In fact, Thailand used thermal cameras at airports as the pandemic began to spread. They were up and running on January 3rd! On the 8th a lady from Wuhan was picked out by thermal cameras. She was indeed infected. All 182 people on the flight, including aircrew, were isolated and tested. Nobody else was carrying COVID 19 but if their fellow passenger had slipped through… well, you know what would have happened on that flight.

Amazon has been using thermal cameras since the start to help keep their warehouses operational. While the Premier League clubs check the temperature of playing and support staff daily. And after thousands of tests, there have been only very cases of COVID 19 reported. Temperature checks work.

To find out which thermal camera solutions is right for your shop you need to speak to an expert. S/he’ll help you decide which set up is right for your premises. Click the button to find a reputable company local to you.

And remember to ask about leasing options… Most of the intelligent technology equipment doesn’t have to be bought outright.

Find out how intelligent technology can help your business

2 – Making social distancing possible… preventing overcrowding

Visitor management and monitoring

Stop overcrowding! Keep your people safe

Social distancing is a major part of government guidance. All businesses wishing to reopen must work out the capacity to allow social distancing. How many people can physically be in your shop at one time for the 2m or 1m+ rule to apply?

People-counting video analysis has been around for a few years. It enforces the limit automatically. Yep. The software counts the number of people entering and leaving your premises. And keeps a tally. Automatically. Leaving your staff to focus on their regular role.

Even better it collates the count across 2 or more entrances!

When your building reaches the limit, the on-screen message changes. It informs people to wait. When someone leaves, the message changes again. And the correct number of new people may enter. How brilliant is that?

Stop overcrowding automatically so your staff don’t have to do it

It means your staff don’t have to take this mind-numbing task on. They feel safer. AND the nightmare of counting people across multiple entrances is never an issue.

Imagine two or more staff or security guards trying to send messages back and forth? Between entrances as people come and go. Distractions causing miscounts… It would be almost impossible to get right. Social distancing would be compromised. AND your people would worry. As would customers and visitors…

And there’s more good news if we do the maths. On top of the convenience, there are savings to be had… How many person-hours a week will be taken up managing social distancing in your store? Stopping overcrowding? Is it eight hours a day, five, six or seven days a week. In supermarkets and large stores, it could be even more. Now, multiply that by minimum wage… At least. You get the idea. There are significant savings here!

Intelligent technology makes it easy to prevent overcrowding. And that reassures staff, customers and visitors that social distancing can and is working! Distancing is perhaps the most important measure to ensure a Covid-secure workplace for shop staff.

To find out if this people-counting tech is right for your store you need to speak to an expert. He’ll also show you how it can help your shop in other ways too, e.g. identify and eject persistent shoplifters before they enter your store! Click the button to find a reputable company local to you.

Remember, this technology is a bolt-on. In most cases, you don’t have to invest in a completely new or upgraded system. This means it is invitingly priced as well as ingenious!

Find out how intelligent technology can help your business

3 – No-touch entry/exit to prevent contamination spreading between staff

Stop cross contamination

Fewer surfaces to clean. Less risk

Key fobs, card entry and infrared exit solutions replace keypads and buttons. Nobody has to touch anything on the way in or out. So there is zero risk of an infected person passing the virus on. Excellent. And no surfaces to spray or wipe down?

You could also go sci-fi and opt for facial recognition access control. Obviously, a no-touch option BUT… it can work in conjunction with thermal cameras AND… will even check if an employee has a mask on!

And if there is a breach? Simple… Access refused. WOW!

To find out if any ot these no-touch door entry solutions are right for your business you need to speak to an expert. Click the button to find a reputable company local to you.

Find out how intelligent technology can help your business

More ways for intelligent technology to reassure staff

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty of other ways intelligent technology can help.

  • Staggered attendance: manage shifts so access is denied outside of allotted hours.
  • ANPR: car park cameras will match cars to staff and alert security if staff have returned from self-isolation early!
  • Track and trace: reports tell you who employees have been in contact with and so help manage possible infection spread.
  • Testing booking system: ID is controlled and the result is recorded for that person

And it goes on.

Next step… discuss intelligent technology AND your store premises with an expert

Return to work speak to an expert

How can Intelligent Technology help your shop to a happy new normal?

This intelligent technology is extremely versatile. Almost any shop will be made safer. When you discuss your concerns with an expert, he’ll explain how particular equipment choices can solve YOUR specific issues. And walk you through your options. Explaining everything in plain English.

It’s easy to find a reputable company too. Click the button to find one local to you. You’ll be recommended a dependable security company with a long track record and all the qualifications and accreditations you expect. Reliable, trustworthy and vetted.

Click the button. Answer 4 quick questions. And an expert will call you at a time that suits.

Find out how intelligent technology can help your business

It’s an investment that won’t cost you an arm and a leg

Intelligent technology. Effective for your shop, staff and customers. And it won’t cost you a fortune.

Remember to ask about leasing options. You don’t have to buy the equipment outright. You can use it for just as long as you need it!

And you won’t need a completely new system. Bolt-on state of the art intelligent technology to your existing security. Again keeping the outlay right down.

There’s only one way to find out how affordable this technology is…

Speak to an expert… discover how intelligent technology can help…

To discover what will suit your business best… you must speak to an expert. Otherwise, you’re guessing… S/he will go over the nuances of your shop layout and how your business operates. Then walk you through your best options. Specific to your store.

Remember, there is no obligation whatsoever. You are NOT committing to anything. You’ll discover how intelligent technology can work for your shop. How it can reassure your staff. Keep them and your visitors and customers as safe as possible in these tricky times. And stop you falling foul of any employment laws…

It’s incredibly easy to find a reputable company to ask about the right technology for your precise situation.

Click the button to find one local to you. You’ll speak to a dependable security company with a long track record and all the qualifications and accreditations you expect.

Click the button. Answer 4 quick questions. And you’re done! An expert will call you at a time that suits.

Find out how intelligent technology can help your business

Worrying about your duty of care to employees is the last thing you need on your plate right now. But fail to do enough and… sadly, you may end up at an employment tribunal facing a negligence claim. Find out if this intelligent technology is right for your business.

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