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Reopening your shop for business is exciting and long overdue BUT…

What have you done to ensure your new normal ends in smiles NOT tears?

Covid fearful

Staff worried sick. Shielded staff, even more scared. Coming out of lockdown and re-opening to the public is exciting. But frightening too.

Employers are over a barrel. Your duty of care means you MUST only reopen when your shop is safe to do so. When you have done everything reasonable to minimise the risk to staff, visitors and customers…

Or risk falling foul of Employment Law. Of ending up in a tribunal. And even… on the wrong end of a compensation claim!

Employers must:

“…genuinely demonstrate that they have done everything necessary to ensure a Covid-secure workplace
Kathleen Heycock, employment partner at Farrer & Co.

Then you can insist on staff coming to work.

Great. But how? Well, these three important ways intelligent technology plays a critical role in making your shopfloor Covid-secure are a good place to begin read more…

Fever Cameras – Thermal Screening As Part Of A Safe Return To Work

Are you responsible for a public sector building or commercial site? Then you may have heard about fever cameras. And… how they could make the return to work much easier as the Covid-19 lockdown winds down.

Of course, safety concerns are paramount. Following government advice is critical…

But the military technology used with fever cameras can play a vital role in building confidence. And critically, helping returning staff feel safe. read more…

Shoplifting Top Crime Against UK Businesses 2018-2019

Shoplifting Top Crime Against UK Businesses 2018-2019

In 2018/2019, there were 606,282 crimes against businesses in England and Wales. Down on the previous year. But that’s still an average of 69.2 crimes every hour. Or more than one every minute! WOW… those are some sobering statistics.

This post looks at what businesses can do to lower the impact those statistics describe… And why relying on the Police is probably not the best option.

First, the most common crime!
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RING cameras hacked in the US – what can UK users do to avoid this?

RING cameras hacked in the US – what can UK users do to avoid this?

Frightening reports are coming in from America about families who have had their Ring security cameras hacked. And about an increase in desire to want to hack such cameras!

According to Motherboard hackers have now made dedicated software specifically to gain access to Ring security cameras.

There are only two reasons why someone would want to purchase software to access homeowners’ security cameras and they are both bad:
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Why The Removal Of 62 Birmingham CCTV Cameras Chills Me To The Bone

Why The Removal Of 62 Birmingham CCTV Cameras Chills Me To The Bone

Really sad to see this piece by the BBC on how 62 cameras in Birmingham will be removed at the end of November. It’s because they no longer meet legal requirements.

There was a flurry of activity on LinkedIn about the article too. Some CCTV experts blamed equipment that was out of date, substandard or obsolete. It had to be removed but lack of funds meant that these could not be replaced or upgraded.

CCTV and Privacy

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Virtual Intruders – Why Hackers Love Cheap Home Security Cameras

Virtual Intruders – Why Hackers Love Cheap Home Security Cameras

Sadly, not all intruders are physical. Remember the film, Snowden? He puts a plaster over the camera on his laptop to stop the authorities from spying on him! Virtual intruders are becoming just as much of a problem.

And using a cheap home security camera could allow anyone to hack in to all the cameras in your home. Kitchen, hall, lounge, stairs. Wherever you have a camera, someone could be watching you.

Or even speaking to you… or your children!

How creepy is that? read more…

Eye (Almost) In The Sky Security Cameras

Following on from our blog post about virtual trip wires that work with analytic cameras to identify different categories of security equipment on your property.

Eye in the sky

Sometimes CCTV installers are stuck for a way to get sufficient coverage from their cameras. It’s all about angles. The cameras need to be higher than your building. This means cameras can end up mounted on trees! Which is great until the tree needs to be cut down.

For businesses, here’s just the thing. A mobile rapid deployment tower system.

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Virtual Trip Wires For Home Security

Virtual Trip Wires For Home Security

I remember the first time I saw an article about ‘trip wires’. The image showed rays of light protecting an open patio door onto the balcony at a very expensive property.

It allowed the owners to sleep in their bedroom with the door open on hot sultry nights – without fear.

The only person they had to worry about was an intrepid ‘Mission Impossible’-style cat burglar.

Someone who had managed to get around the automated gate, run the gauntlet of the watching CCTV cameras and 24/7 monitoring and avoided setting off the alarmed windows and doors. read more…