Hassle-Free Keyholding… Professionals Stop Your Incident Becoming A Catastrophe

May 11, 2021 | Commercial Security, Keyholding, Security Guards

As the UK returns to work, there’s far more important things to trouble yourself with than keyholding. But… it’s an item on your to-do list.

Make the wrong keyholding choice and you will put more than a member of staff at risk…

Neglecting your duty of care may leave you open to liability claims… And that’s never welcome especially during these chaotic times.

Here are five things to consider while you mull over your keyholding decision.

  1. Risk-free keyholder?
  2. Duty of care & liability
  3. Professionals stop catastrophes
  4. Property-Safety
  5. Don’t pay through the nose
Burglar scaling fence

Professional keyholders. Trained to deal with criminals!

Risk-free keyholding…

It’s irritating enough during the day but false alarms at 3am are no fun for anyone. Even the most loyal, helpful staff grumble when forced to jump out of bed in the middle of the night. And when your keyholder gets to your premises there is always the possibility of a danger. Any genuine fire or burglar alarm call means danger…

Of course, both events carry risk. But ask yourself this…

Who is better equipped to deal with a gang of burly thieves caught in the act? Barbara from Accounts or a security officer with conflict management training and back-up on its way…

Security companies don’t want to leave their staff in danger either. GPS technology means guards are tracked throughout a shift. Back up resources can be deployed swiftly to the right location…

Does Barbara have the same luxury?

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Duty of care and liability

What if poor Barbara was to suffer injury in a fire? Or from a serious encounter with criminals – how would you ever forgive yourself?

But guilt would not be your only concern…

You, personally, or your business could be in trouble. You may end up with liability claims against you. If you neglect your duty of care as an employer…

There are no win no fee lawyers crying out for cases like these! If things go horribly wrong… you will be looking at a catastrophe!

Using a professional keyholding and alarm response service stops these worries instantly. Any and all risk is taken on by the keyholding company.

Give me a reliable, professional keyholding service

Barbara from accounts 2

Is Barbara from accounts equipped to deal with criminals?

Professionals stop catastrophes

Relying on a professional company, means your keyholding headaches melt away. When your alarms go off there’s always a trained, licensed professional to put things right. Fast.

So, your alarm riiiiiings. First, your security company is alerted. Then the back office deploys the nearest officer to your premises. He arrives within 20 minutes.

And stops your incident from getting out of hand. From becoming a catastrophe!

He’ll call the emergency services and secure your premises before leaving. And will even arrange emergency repairs if required. You’ll receive updates as the incident unfolds. These reports arrive through the cloud and include pictures and video if appropriate.

Real-time updates keep you in the loop. Or, if you prefer, you can sleep through it all. Then login and catch up, first thing in the morning.

Dependable Security Officer never goes on holiday…

And, of course, your Security Officer never moans about being woken up in the middle of the night. He’s never on holiday, out with mates or ill when you need him for your keyholding duties! Because his colleagues will cover. There’s no need for you to scramble around to sort out Plan B!

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Why Property-Safety

Click the link. Fill out your details and our software will match you up with a reliable security company near you. It’s quick and easy. Usually you’ll be called in a few minutes. Then you can discuss your needs with an expert. Your keyholding will be sorted – with no fuss! In a few minutes.

10 years in the security industry

We’ve been working in the Security industry for ten years now. As in any industry, there’s a mix of good and bad companies. And there’s pros and cons with larger national and smaller local companies. So we take this into account before recommending a security company to you.

We won’t recommend a one-man-band to a business. You can be sure of that.

Vetting security partners

We don’t want to deal with idiots any more than you do. Your time is precious, as is ours. So we insist our partners are well established security companies. With an impeccable track record. And, of course, they MUST have the relevant accreditations in place: NSI Gold, SSAIB, SIA.

Then we take a look at their track record, reputation and attitude. After all, we have to work with them too. And we only want to work with decent people at reputable companies.

Checking partner performance

We follow up with a number of our website users each week. We want to know how you find the service, so we can maintain and improve standards. So if one of our partners doesn’t call you in a timely manner, we want to know why.

In an ideal world you will get a call in a few minutes. This is not always possible, especially out of regular working hours.

Following using our service, you may get a call from a Property-Safety agent. This is to make sure you got the help you asked for.

I want reliable, professional keyholding

Professional keyholding won’t cost you an arm and a leg

In fact it is extremely good value. For the equivalent of a Mars Bar a day you’re all set. Yes, that’s less than £1 a day… So how come it’s such good value you may ask?

Well, the answer is simple. Mobile. Patrol. Vehicles.

Patrolling Officers can cover many sites during a shift. And importantly, zip between sites quickly. This means if your alarm goes off, your security officer will get to your business premises rapidly! Within 20 minutes.

And that’s why thousands upon thousands of UK businesses use professional keyholders to take care of this headache. You should too.

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