[VIDEOS] Burglary is no joke but…

Oct 29, 2019 | Burglary, Home Security

Burglary isn’t funny. But here are some rib tickling observations about burglars from one of my favourite comedians.

How do burglars choose

Michael McIntyre talks about how some burglars choose their next victim.

Rural Burglary

Here’s Michael again on why you need better home security in the country than in London. And how he would deal with an intruder.

There is definitely more than one comedian who thinks he should use his manliness as a weapon against intruders! But the other clip had too much cussing for me to post it here.

Will the Police catch your intruder?

And finally, this guy. Can anyone tell me who he is? Here he is on a Michael McIntyre Roadshow. He talks about how he got burgled more than once in London.

And on the chances of your burglar getting caught.

Remember, the stats say that burglary in the UK increased last year. Burglars don’t want to get caught. They say CCTV is the thing most likely to put them off. But only 14%?? of homes have cameras.

Are you missing a trick?

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