Virtual Intruders – Why Hackers Love Cheap Home Security Cameras

Oct 2, 2019 | CCTV, Home Security

Sadly, not all intruders are physical. Remember the film, Snowden? He puts a plaster over the camera on his laptop to stop the authorities from spying on him! Virtual intruders are becoming just as much of a problem.

And using a cheap home security camera could allow anyone to hack in to all the cameras in your home. Kitchen, hall, lounge, stairs. Wherever you have a camera, someone could be watching you.

Or even speaking to you… or your children!

How creepy is that?

And it’s not just your camera, the app you use to view the footage is also a potential risk. Some of these will send your unencrypted wifi password over the internet as you log in.

Are you at risk from your cheap home security cameras?

When you need to buy something quickly at a great price, we all go online!

And protecting your home with a camera system is no different.

Whether you’re looking for cameras to keep an eye on your pets, your children or your home whilst you are out, a smart camera is a great choice.

But, according to an article by Which, there’s a chance that some home security cameras could compromise your privacy. Or, worse still, make you a victim of hacking.

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A matter of passwords

Many of these cameras have the default username of admin with a password that is easy to guess if you do some basic research of the owner’s social media account.virtual-intruders-dog-hiding

Once a hacker has spent a couple of minutes working out these two vital pieces of info, they can completely control your camera. And view your footage whenever they like.

Stop virtual intruders, choose a quality wireless camera

Which advise that you do extensive research when purchasing a wireless camera. Do you recognise the brand name? Is there a UK-based website where you can speak to customer support who speak English? Price should not be your primary concern.

Closing the stable door

If you’ve already purchased a camera and are worried, change the password to something much more secure.

If in doubt, deactivate! Turn it off and unplug it.

Remember, cheap home security cameras:

  • probably won’t be good enough to satisfy your insurer; and
  • are unlikely to be eligible for Police Response.

The stats say that home intruders are most scared of CCTV. Don’t rely on a cheap camera. Burglars can tell!

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