Eye (Almost) In The Sky Security Cameras

Sep 28, 2019 | CCTV, Commercial Security, Home Security

Following on from our blog post about virtual trip wires that work with analytic cameras to identify different categories of security equipment on your property.

Eye in the sky

Sometimes CCTV installers are stuck for a way to get sufficient coverage from their cameras. It’s all about angles. The cameras need to be higher than your building. This means cameras can end up mounted on trees! Which is great until the tree needs to be cut down.

For businesses, here’s just the thing. A mobile rapid deployment tower system.

Ideal for protecting:

  • car parks
  • building sites
  • manufacturing infrastructure
  • utilities infrastructure
  • airports
  • waste management facilities
  • border security

In this video, the camera moves automatically to track the man moving. But the latest versions are analytic driven.

Sympathetic security

But not every homeowner wants an ugly metal pole in their garden.

They may be sturdy and weatherproof but they can be an eyesore. In these cases, a bespoke architectural pole can look just right in leafy surroundings.

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