Wireless Outdoor Curtain Protection with RISCO

Nov 7, 2019 | Home Security

Wireless Outdoor Curtain Protection? So what’s that then? A top piece of security advice involves using your indoor curtains to protect your home whilst you are away. Making sure a neighbour comes in to open the drapes in the morning and close them at night.

So I was very excited when the lovely Albert Hall of RISCO Group let me know that they now have
wireless outdoor curtain detectors. But what exactly did that mean?

Were they curtain detectors? Curtain twitchers? Curtains that opened and closed automatically?

What is wireless outdoor curtain protection?

We’ve talked about virtual trip wires that run from point to point on this blog previously.

Turns out, this detector is another type of perimeter protection. An infrared curtain to stop intruders from being able to get up close to the bi-folding doors or french windows at the back of your home. The beam can be set to cover 3m, 6m or 12m of space. So if an intruder approaches the back door, you get a notification.


Earlier notification means proactive prevention

I love this type of proactive prevention. It’s always seemed strange to me that UK homeowners only get a notification when someone is actually IN their house!

Our cousins in the EU much prefer advance warning of a potential threat. So they can call for professional assistance to move any intruder along. Well before he gets his grubby mits on the back door handle.

Instead of only being alerted once a burglar has gained access to your home, this ‘curtain’ gives you an earlier notification that someone is on your property and in a potentially threatening position.

If you have a monitored system, the notification will go the ARC and your cameras will be activated to assess the threat.

If you have requested that the monitoring station speak to any intruder, then this can happen.

Their picture has been taken so the Police have HD evidence of an attempted breakin. Rather than having to deal with the results of a violation of your home and the theft of its contents.

I can’t help thinking about the recent attack on the home of London standup, Katherine Ryan.

This type of warning system might have prevented her boyfriend being involved in a scuffle with an intruder. And the loss of a piece of jewellery that was very important to her.

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