Myths About Burglary Disproved By Standup’s Intruder

Nov 1, 2019 | Burglary, CCTV, Home Security

Comedians often use myths about burglary to create skits and sketches. Sadly, the boot was on the other foot for one London comic when she discovered some unpleasant hometruths.

In our most recent posts, we saw some very familiar faces laughing about burglary.

But Canadian stand-up, Katherine Ryan, was on the receiving end of intruders recently. In an Instagram story, she showed Police at her London home. And then poured cold water on a couple of myths that home owners should be aware of.

Myths about burglary

It’s not clear how the masked intruder got in. But Katherine and her boyfriend were at home when it happened.

Burglary Myth 1 – my dog will protect me from burglary

Readers regularly post pictures of their dogs on my Facebook posts and tell me that they don’t have to worry about burglars. Katherine’s pooches were useless because they slept through the whole thing. The other problem with dogs is that they tend to go with their owners on holidays and for daily walkies. Any burglar worth his salt will know when you take your regular walk together. If your home is worth his attention, he will plan his attack for when you and your guard dog have left the building.

Burglary Myth 2 – insurance will replace everything

Your home insurance may cover your laptop but not the precious script it stores. Katherine’s boyfriend fought with the burglar to retrieve the computer that contained all the scripts for her Netflix series. Irreplaceable. But they were not able to save a special ring that was stolen at the same time. Katherine has had to ask on Instagram for fans to look out for it in pawn and junk shops. Again, irreplaceable.

Burglary Myth 3 – it’s easy to recover from

Not everyone has a boyfriend who is prepared to wrestle intruders to save your most prized possessions. And the emotional impact of having an masked intruder in your home can be immense. Katherine says she is finding it hard to sleep since the incident.

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A professional installer will help you to think like a burglar! Research shows that burglars hate CCTV cameras so installing a system in your home is a great way to become less attractive to thieves.

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