Virtual Trip Wires For Home Security

Sep 25, 2019 | Alarm Monitoring, Burglary, CCTV, Home Security

I remember the first time I saw an article about ‘trip wires’. The image showed rays of light protecting an open patio door onto the balcony at a very expensive property.

It allowed the owners to sleep in their bedroom with the door open on hot sultry nights – without fear.

The only person they had to worry about was an intrepid ‘Mission Impossible’-style cat burglar.

Someone who had managed to get around the automated gate, run the gauntlet of the watching CCTV cameras and 24/7 monitoring and avoided setting off the alarmed windows and doors.

That was over five years ago. And a lot can happen in the tech world in half a decade.

Trip wires are no longer only available to those with the deepest pockets for security.

No indeed. These days you can customise your alerts with virtual trip wires. These invisible ‘eyes’ can detect a vehicle coming onto your drive and record a timed video.

Advanced AI and computer vision can categorise vehicles, animals and people to pinpoint important activity and record it with a datestamp.

Here’s how it works:

What happens when a wire trips?

Your devices can be linked to an Alarm Monitoring Centre (ARC) who will manage any security threats for you. It’s great to have home security equipment but, if you can’t alert the Police to come and save you…? Well isn’t it a bit pointless?

Find out how an ARC works here. You can get all your security equipment monitored – intruder alarm, panic alarm, CCTV.

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