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Will The Police Come If I Call To Report A “Burglary In Progress?”

Virtual Trip Wires For Home Security

I remember the first time I saw an article about ‘trip wires’. The image showed rays of light protecting an open patio door onto the balcony at a very expensive property.

It allowed the owners to sleep in their bedroom with the door open on hot sultry nights – without fear.

The only person they had to worry about was an intrepid ‘Mission Impossible’-style cat burglar.

Someone who had managed to get around the automated gate, run the gauntlet of the watching CCTV cameras and 24/7 monitoring and avoided setting off the alarmed windows and doors. read more…

Alarm Monitoring Companies Near Me

Alarm Monitoring Companies Near Me

An alarm helps to keep your property secure, monitoring that alarm makes your home or business even safer.

It’s very unusual for a home to be occupied 24/7. And humans are creatures of habit, so there is usually a pattern to the times when our homes are empty.

Thieves know this. It’s why they ‘case a joint’ to decide whether or not it is ripe for burglary.

Businesses are even more vulnerable. Most are almost always empty between 9pm and 5am.

So what happens when your alarm goes off when you’re not there? read more…