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Pensioner Gives Intruder More Than He Bargained For

Not all pensioners will become victims in a burglary. Take the recent story about Ms Willie Murphy. This 82 year old American woman gave a burglar more than he bargained for.

It was about 11pm when the doorbell started to ring. When she looked out, she saw a young man who was bent over. He kept pleading with her to help him because he had been shot.

Willie opened the main door but kept the chain on. Then she went to the kitchen to call an ambulance.

But the 28 year old was not what he seemed. read more…

West Midlands Burglary Gang Target Pensioners

West Midlands Burglary Gang Target Pensioners

Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re safe from burglars! Sadly, the days where a pensioner could leave their door open for neighbours to check they are OK is long gone.

Over a 9 day period in October, 29 men and women aged between 70 and 89 were the victims of a spate of violent thefts in the West Midlands.

The intruders rang the door bell. They wore high visibility vests and looked official. When the door was opened, they told residents they were the Police or from a utility company. read more…

How To Tell If A Burglar Is Watching Your House

How To Tell If A Burglar Is Watching Your House

Most of us have heard the term ‘casing the joint’ in an old movie. It’s a slang term to describe the method used by burglars who are assessing whether to target a particular home or business.

These individuals will watch your property and look for patterns so they can decide:

  • is it a worthwhile target for return
  • what security measures are in place to stop them
  • when is the best time to attempt their break-in

But what signs should you look for to understand that you’re being watched by a burglar? read more…

Video Door Entry System vs Audio Intercom Phones

Video Door Entry System vs Audio Intercom Phones

A video door entry system is a great way of controlling who can enter your property. And who is kept firmly out.

Whether you own a £5m mansion or are renting a one-bed apartment in a tower block, it can be a better experience than an audio intercom phone.

Like many women of a certain age, I’ve lived in quite a few different types of accommodation. So I know a thing or two about keeping bad guys out of your home!
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